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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Parashat Haazinu- A Lifelong Song


BH Yesterday, on Yom Kippur, the entire Kelal Yisrael was cleansed and purified. We were granted another year of life. We all started new. It is very easy for the magnanimity of this reality to quickly escape us and we will return to the mundane lives we used to live beforehand. Take the inspiration, take the commitment, take this treasure and carry it through the upcoming year. We are standing at an extremely high and holy level right now. We each have it in our potential to maintain this level all year long, as long as we remain aware and appreciative of this gift. In this week's Parashah, Parashat Haazinu, HaKadosh Barukh Hu warns us of exactly this--not to forget, not to be ungrateful, to open your eyes and see where everything is coming from, not to be distracted. You have a gem in your hands right now, don't let it wither away, don't let it erode, don't drop it. Let it shine.

Hold on to this gem so that BH by next Yom Kippur we can place it in our glistening crown along with the many other gems we will collect over the up coming year. BH we will be able to use this very crown to place on the head of the Mashiah when he arrives this year, Amen!

Here is the Devar Torah for this week:

Parashat Haazinu- A Lifelong Song


Parashat Haazinu is a written song,

Although reading through it, I felt something was wrong.

I came to realize very soon,

That this was not a happy tune.

One would think it would be filled with praise,

But I think Benei Yisrael have seen better days….

Instead we learn that if has ve'Shalom we go off the path,

We can expect to incur HaShem's wrath.

HaKadosh Barukh Hu warns us not to take things for granted

Because then our priorities become slanted.

When we become too involved with physical things,

The angels inside us begin to lose their wings.

HaShem instructs Moshe Rabbenu to write this Shirah as a 'witness',

Because He knows we won't always maintain our spiritual fitness.

And now that Moshe Rabbenu passes away,

Who will remind us of this every day?


We have just recently become very pure

After the Teshuvah and Tefillah of Yom Kippur.

Although it may sound a bit premature,

Be careful not to succumb to life's allures.

We might not stay on this level the entire year long,

So that is why HaShem gave us this song.

My Torah and Missvot don't forget,

Even though right now you think you're all set.

Just go ask the older generations,

How I saved them from the other nations.

Instead of responding with appreciation

They overlooked this Divine salvation.

This is why I warn you today,

From this special path do not stray.


As much as you think this doesn't apply to you

Since, with all due respect, 'I just started anew'

HaShem is warning us Listen here,

There will be a time you might forget, My dear.

Don't get too caught up with other distractions,

Otherwise I'll have to take further action.

This itself should fill us with enough understanding and fear

So that Be'Ezrat HaShem we will have a productive and meaningful year!


BH may we carry through Yom Kippur's inspiration,

To last us through the year's duration.

To many things we did commit,

Let us do them for our benefit.

In return HaShem should bless us with abundance,

But only to be used for our Neshamot to be enhanced.

Remember not to ever lose touch,

With that spiritual side we value so much.

I ask HaShem to give us strength,

To remember this for the year's length.

BH I am sure,

We'll be more than ready for next Yom Kippur.


May we always be close with HaKadosh Barukh Hu,

Through life's ups and downs and squiggles too.

Just in case you didn't realize that rhymed,

Go back and read it a second time ; )

Wishing you all a most wonderful Shabbat Shalom,

In each and every Jewish home!

Make Your Neshamah Fly!

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